City of Honolulu passed Bill 40 on December 4, 2019. This bill phases out the use of plastic utensils, straws, food containers and other non-recyclable items. Non-recyclable utensils and food containers phase out starting Jan 2020.

Make More Profit Despite Bill 40

We believe that true innovation doesn’t accept negative compromises, so we’re proving our point with Buns Hawaii. Bill 40 isn’t a negative. It’s actually a positive, possibly on all fronts. It simply changes the playing field. And anytime game rules change, new possibilities arise. Thus, Buns Hawaii solves the downside of Bill 40 by making new food containers available while taking a further step to net more money for foodservice operators.

Why Sliders?

Sliders are super easy to make, everyone loves them and they don’t require utensils. They’re simpler than Subway sandwiches, so profitability is optimized. And who can resist anything wrapped in Hawaiian sweetbread? So we’re providing a way for foodservice operators to make higher margins while conforming to Bill 40.