Buns Boxes First Run | Bizgenics FoundationHey Bunnies, our first run of Buns Boxes have arrived and we’re looking for a few early-adopter restaurants to partner with to launch Buns Hawaii in the Hawaii press in January 2020. Interested? Contact Us »

PR Hits for Partners, Meeting Food Container Law Bill 40

Our goal in January is to get camera time for a few users of Buns Hawaii Boxes. This story is timely as Honolulu’s anti-plastic food container law goes into effect and our Bun Boxes directly address the issue.

Customizable Box Designs

We’re also able to offer customized box designs featuring partner logos and messaging… our Buns Hawaii messaging will still be on the box but in a secondary position. We’ll take care of the graphics for orders of at least 10,000 pieces.

First Run Food Boxes & More Sizes Coming

These are our first boxes, sized for 6 sliders. Soon we’ll have 3-slider and 12-slider versions. These boxes are good for both takeaway and catering use. Please join us in empowering the foodservice industry and in helping support local nonprofit programs.